PISA(Programme for International Student Assessment) is conducted by OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) headquarter.

This infographic shows PISA score about Science.

In each subject, the scores was calculated by PISA so that the average of scores in whole of countries that carried out the PISA investigation become 500 points.

▼Condition for handling the data
・We count as 1 record if the investigation carried out in a Country.
・We also count as another 1 record if the investigation carried out at some region in a country, which had carried out past investigation.
Example:Shanghai in China, B-S-J-Z-China
・This infographic include any countries and regions, which carried out PISA investigation.It means not only OECD countries but also any countries mentioned above.

▼Participating Countries
2000 41
2003 40
2006 59
2009 67
2012 65
2015 70
2018 79

▼PISA 2000

▼PISA 2003

▼PISA 2006

▼PISA 2009

▼PISA 2012

▼PISA 2015

▼PISA 2018

▼Standard of Region Dividing


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